CI program to display telugu2english

I have decided to try posting CI programs that I have started on as I feel this may help others.

I started on a program to do part of Working Prototype v1.0

The program trips up on displaying Telugu characters of column telugu (unicode collation) and shows junk. It shows other columns with English text properly. English text in telugu column is also shown correctly. Problem is only with telugu characters.

I was able to add the telugu character words to telugu column of telugu2english table using phpmyadmin as follows:

a) Use to type in English (e.g. meeru) to get Telugu (e.g. మీరు) characters.

b) Copy paste Telugu character sentence/word from changati window into telugu column in phpmyadmin insert page.

That’s it. On clicking Go, phpmyadmin adds the data correctly. Browsing the table in phpmyadmin shows telugu characters correctly.

Plan to study html source of phpmyadmin page which shows telugu characters correctly to get some clues about fixing my CI program problem.

Here are the CI programs source code (could not figure out a way to preserve tabs in the listing):

The controller: t2e.php

class t2e extends CI_Controller {

function index() {


$data = array();

$data['t2e'] = $this->t2e_model->getdata();
$this->load->view('t2e_view', $data);


The model: t2e_model.php


class t2e_model extends CI_Model {

function getdata() {
$query = $this->db->get('telugu2english');
$data = array();

foreach ($query->result() as $row) {
$data[] = array(
'telugu' => $row->telugu,
'english' => $row->english,
'english_audio_path' => $row->english_audio_path

return $data;


The view: t2e_view.php

<?php $this->load->helper('form'); ?>

<?php echo form_open('t2e'); ?>
<?php if (isset($t2e)): foreach ($t2e as $p): ?>

<?php echo $p['telugu']; ?> <br>

<?php echo $p['english']; ?> <br>

<?php echo $p['english_audio_path']; ?> <br>

<?php endforeach; else: ?>

<h2>No data found</h2>

<?php endif; ?>
<?php echo form_close(); ?>
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