Free PHP/mySQL hosting

I felt it is time for me to explore hosting the in-progress app. on a PHP/mySQL web hosting service. Tried to check out a free hosting service two or three days ago. I registered and was asked for a domain – specified The page said that they will verify the domain and get back to me in 24 hours. No response over two days or so. Maybe the .in domain put them off?

Just tried Was able to go through!!! It took quite some time. If I recall correctly: registration at, registration at its forum & creation of website. Had to read whole of before I could say Yes to register website step 3! The legalese was real tough but I forced myself to doggedly read it, sometimes speed-read it even if all did not register.

But all the pain was worth it as now I have a php/mysql website at & 6 GB diskspace & ability to create 5 mysql databases, all for FREE!!!

Then created a new mysql database at, had to create a new database user (not ‘root’) imported 2 tables (post, telugu2english) into it, checked that telugu characters get shown properly in SQLBuddy Query results, used FileZilla to ftp whole of wamp\www\ci directory including t2e app into (300+ files – took some time and gave some overwrite messages surprisingly to which I said overwrite – but got over in maybe half an hour or so). gives a database error. Probably ci uses its own database which also needs to be created and the data imported into it. Further the ‘root’ user cannot be created. So need to browse for how ci works with zymic host.

Update: Needed to change user, pwd and database name in ci/application/config/database.php file.

But that also did not solve the database error message.

Got a solution from

Specifically, had to change:

$db[‘default’][‘pconnect’] = TRUE;


$db[‘default’][‘pconnect’] = FALSE;

in the same database.php page.

Now shows the “Welcome to CodeIgniter page”.

And shows the in-progress app. as described in the post: Fantastic!!!

The in-progress app. now needs to be made a ‘stable’ proof-of-concept app.

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