Proof of Concept App. v0.1 Spec. & Plan

I think we should make a “Proof of Concept” App. with the following spec.

Database Table definition:

telugu varchar(512) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL,
english varchar(512),
english_audio_path varchar(255)

In this Proof of Concept app. version v0.1 we need only one page doing the following:

a) Showing Telugu (in Telugu script) and English (in Latin (English) script) – 2 column table.

b) English entry in two column table should be a hyperlink which when clicked plays the audio.

c) The page should show a minimum of 10 entries (pagination not required)

We need only 10 records in this table for demonstrating the Proof of Concept app. Data can be added using phpmyadmin interface. Telugu and English text can be read from docs and manually typed in.

The audio mp3 files for English sentences can be recorded on my PC.

The in-progress t2e app. is already having this functionality. See

We need to have the data setup and the audio files. We may have to check out how clicking on mp3 file link plays the audio. If that’s not good enough some extra work will have to be done.

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