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Last Updated On December 30th 2011

Getting back to work after a long break.

While a lot of friends were advising me not to consider using my own license for I was a little stubborn about it initially. A friend posted me a GPLv3 link ( One excerpt from it made me see the light :).
“What this means for users and developers is that they’ll be able to work with GPLv3-covered software without worrying that a desperate contributor will try to sue them for patent infringement later. With these changes, GPLv3 affords its users more defenses against patent aggression than any other free software license.”

In future if there are software contributors to, I don’t want to risk one “desperate contributor” creating trouble because of lack of appropriate licensing protection for software work.

While browsing on this I came across a fantastic set of articles – details given below. I was wondering whether I should use GPLv3 for After reading the articles I feel Apache Software License (ASL) is the better one for it as I don’t want to force potential users/distributors to be Open Source. And I have Android for company :). See:

Here’s a fantastic article on software patents & copyrights in the Indian context from a Desi:

[Please note that the following small extracts/excerpts from the above link are the copyright of the author of that blog post (above link).]

A very interesting learning for me from the article (provided the info. in it is correct) is, “Anything you write, say, record, paint, etc. is automatically copyrighted as soon as you create it. It is not necessary to register it with any authority. Notice how this is different from patents.”

So a blog is automatically copyrighted! Makes sense.

Understanding Copyrights:

An excerpt:

How do I copyright my work?

There is nothing you have to necessarily do to copyright your work. As soon as you create the work, it is automatically copyrighted by you. It is not necessary to include a copyright notice. [But having a copyright notice or other proof of copyright like a dated blog post may help prove the copyright in court.]

— end excerpt —

Understanding open source software licenses:

An excerpt:

Not everyone agrees with the GPL. Supposed I wrote some software and want to make it freely available to anyone. I would also not mind it if a commercial company used my software in their products. I don’t expect them to open source their software (which would be necessary if I had GPLed my software), but I would like them to give me credit in their documentation. This is precisely what the Apache license does.

— end excerpt —

Copyright issues for bloggers, website owners and other content creators:

— Start-excerpt —

The CC-BY license is like the Apache license, and the CC-BY-SA license is like the GPL.

— end excerpt —

Understanding Patents:

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