GPL Software Cannot Be Used On Apple AppStore!

Edited email exchange with friend is given below.

ASL Friend wrote: As an aside, GPL software is not compatible with iOS. This is probably the last thing that matters to you (though it matters a lot to me), which is why I called it as aside.

Ravi responded: While I was thinking of Android tablets (including Aakash) as potential platforms for  software, the news that GPL software cannot be used on Apple AppStore is a bombshell!!

Did some browsing to confirm it. See &

Seems like the philosophical aspects of GPLv3 did not fit with Apple’s DRM. And so iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch customers lose out (could not use free VLC). That’s a serious concern for me!

Assuming I go with GPLv3, if some iOS app developer wanted to pick up‘s SpokenEnglish app [hopefully will happen sometime in future :)] to modify and release it for use on iOS he cannot do it even if he is willing to keep it Free & Open Source!!! So the huge numbers of iDevice customers out there will be denied the possibility of using‘s SpokenEnglish App! That’s a show-stopper for me, man.

I need to think this through. Thank you so much for this VITAL, VITAL input.

ASL Friend responded: As for the Apple App Store, even GPLv2 is incompatible, as the article says — not just GPLv3. The same issue could hypothetically arise with the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is likely to be the most popular Android tablet. Users on that device can install apps only from Amazon’s marketplace, and Amazon can set any terms they want. It’s the Apple model.

Ravi responded: Oh! That’s another piece of VITAL input.

ASL Friend wrote:I’m always glad to be of help.

Ravi responded: Am I glad to be able to receive your help, brother :)!

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