Uploading a long video to youtube and Making a Transcript of it

I recently uploaded a couple of hour + videos (Hislop videos) to youtube and made a transcript of one of them. This post is a rather rough log/note of the activity.

Upload of these around one and a quarter hour videos (file sizes are 220 MB and 260 MB) took an hour or so (on 4 Mbps broadband but with 512 Kbps upload speed I presume) followed by processing at which time you can switch off the computer. [BTW for long videos youtube needs some extra authentication of the youtube account done using a text/audio message sent to one’s phone. The message took a lot of time to get delivered to me – meanwhile I was trying various options with country code and without country code as well as text and audio. Eventually, maybe half an hour to an hour from when I started the attempts, I got some message with the code and that worked.]

I found that when the processing part was reported done on some evening/night, next day morning when I tried to view the video I was given the option of improving it. [But I don’t recall whether I tried playing it that evening/night itself immediately after processing was reported as done.] Choosing the option to improve it shows some Editing in progress message on Youtube video manager for that video, which also was a long process (what was started in the morning had got done by that day afternoon).

The transcript is automatically created – but in this case with a lot of errors. However when I first tried the Hislop video upload the transcript did not get automatically created! That could have been because I fiddled with the caption button rather quickly after the video was uploaded which took me to the manual creation of transcript step (IIRC the transcript tab icon was not showing up and so I tried fiddling with the caption button to see if that brings up the transcript button). So maybe the automatic transcript creation gets done, especially for long videos, a few hours after the video is uploaded. Meanwhile my fiddling with the caption buttons may have misled youtube software to mark the video as a manual transcript one and thereby drop the automatic transcript part.

I then deleted the video and re-uploaded it, without fiddling around with the caption buttons prior to automatic transcript creation. The automatic transcript did get created for the first Hislop talk video this time around. IIRC the upload got done at night and when I checked again the next day morning the automatic transcript was available.

When I tried editing the captions (transcript) I initially got fazed by the browser tab (entire web page display) freezing up. After some time it unfroze and allowed me to edit the captions/transcript. I guess the long video is causing time delays for such actions associated with the video.

Clicking on the time stamps plays only the segment associated with that timestamp. This is convenient for checking, and if required, correcting the transcribed text for that segment.

To collapse two segments into one, you can copy the text of one segment into the other, then delete the segment (remove button, IIRC) and finally edit the timestamp(s) of the remaining segment to cover the time period of both segments.

Save Changes created an alternate transcript. Then I deleted the automatically created transcript to keep only one transcript around and avoid confusion.

To save the transcript to local computer the Actions drop-down at the top of the transcript display gives the associated actions which includes downloading the transcript in various file formats to local computer. Once when I tried the sequence of Save Changes followed by Actions -> Download the downloaded file did not have the recent changes! From then on, to play safe I would go one step back by clicking Track lists. And then choosing the transcript again. This would take time to load up. But after it has loaded up Actions->Download would download the transcript file with the latest changes included.

It was quite a cumbersome process to correct the automatic transcript which was full of errors for the hour + video. In the first round I mostly focused on correcting the transcript and did not usually attempt to collapse segments. In the second round I focused on catching errors I missed in the first round including some parts which I could not clearly understand – shown in parentheses or as … In this round I also collapsed less than 3 sec segments with its immediately prior or next segment.

I transcribed only one of the two videos. Here’s the finished work, Sathya Sai Baba’s Advaita Teachings By John Hislop Ph.D., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl9izOvsUJg

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