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Home Internet connection problems and solutions in Puttaparthi and Pune: Individual experiences of around a decade

Last updated on 6th Jun 2017 This post came about through a mail conversation I had on a recent post of mine, My BSNL Broadband (landline) speedtest: 6.6 Mbps, A Pune, India, based correspondent (referred to as PuneC hereafter) … Continue reading

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My BSNL Broadband (landline) speedtest: 6.6 Mbps

Last updated on 5th June 2016 I tested my BSNL (landline) broadband connection speed today around 11 PM using¬† The results are available at:¬† I have copy-pasted (selection of part of screenshot of) the results below: I checked my BSNL … Continue reading

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June 2016: PC Net browsing via BSNL Mobile – Charges & Setup

This post is essentially a log of my exploration of using my Nokia E-52 phone’s BSNL Mobile Internet service, to do Internet browsing from my PC. It is primarily meant for my own reading and so I have not focused … Continue reading

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