My BSNL Broadband (landline) speedtest: 6.6 Mbps

Last updated on 5th June 2016

I tested my BSNL (landline) broadband connection speed today around 11 PM using

The results are available at:

I have copy-pasted (selection of part of screenshot of) the results below:


I checked my BSNL Landline bill to confirm the exact BSNL (unlimited) Broadband plan that I am on. It states my plan as BBG COMBO ULD 999 – 8MBPS_25GB / 1 MBPS confirms that the above plan is what is available in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh (the telecom district for my landline broadband connection). The corresponding entry states, “8Mbps upto 25GB, 1Mbps beyond”.

As it is only 3rd of this month I am surely below the 8 Mbps speed download limit of 25 GB for the month. The test shows the download speed as 6.6 Mbps. Not bad! However, I did the test a little after 11 PM Indian Standard Time (5:42 PM UTC in the pic above would be 11:12 PM IST; see for conversion details). Perhaps if the test were done during regular office hours or even in the early evenings, the speed would be slower.

[Update: I tested on 5th June 2016, Sunday, at 4:52 PM IST. The download speed was 6.30 Mbps and the upload speed was 0.18 Mbps,]

The ULD 999 part of the plan name seems to stand for Unlimited Download and the 999 is the (per month) charge of Rs. 999/- before Tax. After tax the figure comes to Rs. 1,144/-

The COMBO part of the name is because some free landline BSNL network phone calls (400) are provided in this plan.

The upload speed is less than 0.2Mbps. I don’t know how good or bad that figure is. I rarely do big uploads and so it is currently not an important factor for me.





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