Planning to have Jio 4G mobile Internet 399 pkg + Lower cost BSNL 470ULD Landline broadband

Last updated on 14-Aug-2017

My usage of, and speed tests of Jio mobile 4G over the past few days [see Jio Mobile 4G and BSNL landline Broadband ROUGH speed data for my home PC in Puttaparthi for details] have made me think seriously about changing my Internet broadband plans from what I have now.

For the past few years I have been using the Rs 999 + service tax (coming to slightly less than Rs. 1150) per month plan of BSNL Landline broadband named BB Home Combo ULD999 which claimed to provide upto 8 Mbps speed (actual speed would be btw 5.5 and 6.5 Mbps) for first 25 GB of data in a month, and 1 Mbps speed beyond that. [See for info. about these plans.] My Internet usage is heavy with a lot of youtube video watching as well as Facebook wall scrolling (lots of images get shown on Facebook wall) on a 21.5 inch desktop screen, which I think consumes significant amount of data. It is not unusual for me to cross 30 GB data usage in a month.

Till Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Internet came into the picture in Puttaparthi some time last year, I did not have any good alternatives IN PUTTAPARTHI to the above BSNL broadband plan, which (alternative) gave me say around 4 Mbps speed for 25 GB for a month. Jio has been a game changer. Under its Rs. 399 plan for Jio Prime members, I get 2/3 Mbps to 9 Mbps speed for 1 GB data per day, for 84 days. Adding the Jio Prime membership annual fee of Rs. 99/-, that works out to somewhere around Rs. 150 per month.

Jio also has other plans with 2 GB per day limit and without any data limit per day,

[14-Aug-2017 Update. The following statements of the post (in quotes) are incorrect,

“A month back my BSNL ULD999 plan’s total charges per month came down by around Rs. 200, from slightly less than Rs. 1150 to Rs. 958 per month. So the Jio effect seems to have reduced my BSNL landline broadband charges.”

Today (14th Aug.) I got a BSNL broadband bill for Rs. 1356, which is Rs. 200 more than the usual around Rs. 1150 p.m. that I used to be charged earlier. On looking at the details I saw that I was charged for three periods:

a) 26/06/2017 to 30/06/2017 (as per ULD999 plan, I guess) – Rs. 166.50

b) 01/07/2017 to 30/07/2017 (as per ULD999 plan, I guess) – Rs. 966.77

c) 31/07/2017 to 31/07/2017 (as per ULD470 plan, I guess) – Rs. 15.16

That totals to 1148.43. Adding Rs. 1 (after discounts) for local calls and GST of Rs. 206.90, the total bill comes to Rs. 1356.33 (rounded to 1356.00).

I wasted some time trying to unsuccessfully locate my previous bill (for June 2017). Fortunately, I was able to download a softcopy from BSNL selfcare site. That bill states that due to “administrative reasons” (I guess, GST is the reason), the bill was for period up to 25.06.2017 and that the next cycle will have the bill from 26.06.2017. I did not read this stuff in the paper bill a month ago, as I had only a fleeting glance at it then, leading me to WRONGLY think that BSNL may have reduced the price of its ULD999 plan to compete with Reliance Jio. end-Update of 14-Aug-2017.]

I am somewhat hesitant to continue with the BSNL ULD999 plan. Neither do I want to terminate my BSNL landline + broadband connection. I think a good solution would be to have both – a reasonable Jio 4G plan and a reasonable BSNL landline broadband plan.

I will use the Jio 4G plan as my main plan. But on days where I exceed 1 GB data limit I will switch to the BSNL landline broadband plan. Of course, if for some other reason Jio 4G is down (before 1 GB data limit is reached for the day), BSNL landline broadband becomes my backup Internet broadband connection.

I am seriously considering moving from BSNL ULD999 plan to BBG Combo ULD470 plan which gives 2 Mbps speed till 10 GB per month and 1 Mbps speed beyond that. Note that the ULD470 plan is the lowest priced BSNL broadband plan for existing customers (new customers have a 249 plan which automatically upgrades to ULD470 after a year, if I recall correctly).

The monthly charges are listed as Rs. 470 (+ 18 % tax). This could be viewed as minimum landline monthly charge of around Rs. 240 + Rs. 230 for broadband Internet (+ 18 % tax). Total charge should be 470 + 85 = 555. So I will save around Rs. 400 from the Rs. 958 per month I am currently paying for ULD999 plan. As Jio 4G 399 plan with annual Prime membership fee of Rs. 99, comes to around Rs. 150 per month, the effective saving will be Rs. 250 per month.

A downside will be that the BSNL BB connection speed will not be 8 Mbps (claimed) and its upto 2 Mbps speed claim may turn out to be around 1.5 Mbps in practice.

BSNL allows broadband plan change once a month from its self care service website. BSNL landline broadband helpline told me that the change is done immediately (meaning partial bills for two separate parts of the month if plan is changed during the month). So I intend to make the above mentioned plan change and see how it works out.

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