Changed BSNL BB plan to 470ULD; using Jio 4G mobile Internet as primary and BSNL BB as secondary

This post has log entries and follows up on this post: Planning to have Jio 4G mobile Internet 399 pkg + Lower cost BSNL 470ULD Landline broadband,, dated 30th July 2017.

Log entries covering 30th Jul and 31 Jul 2017

A little before 6 PM on 30-Jul-2017 initiated via BSNL selfcare website, change of BSNL landline Broadband (BB) plan from ULD999 to ULD470. Got an SMS that the request has been received and that it may take 2 to 3 business days to implement

Around 11 PM on 31-Jul 2017 I logged into selfcare BSNL and noted that it showed that plan change to ULD470 was done today (31-Jul-2017). I did not get any SMS saying so!
DL Speed on ULD470 BSNL (landline) BB plan can be noticed as slower than earlier plan. But speed is still OK as given below (have not tried youtube videos yet).

  • Ookla – 2.69 Mbps
  • – 1.7 Mbps
  • att speedtest – 2.18 Mbps
  • Ookla beta – 1.41 Mbps

6-Aug-2017 Update

I got an SMS on Aug. 1st 2017 that my “request for Modify (Broadband Modify)” which would be referring to my BSNL BB plan change request from ULD999 to ULD470 has been “provisioned” (made effective).

So from 1st Aug. 2017 I have been first using Jio Mobile Internet and when its usage crosses 1 GB resulting in very slow speed of around 130 Kbps, which has happened for some though not all days so far in Aug, I switch to BSNL (landline) BB. BSNL (landline) BB, I am glad to say is giving me 2 Mbps or slightly above 2 Mbps speed (never touched 3 Mbps, if I recall correctly but did show around 2.5 Mbps at times) as measured by, att speedtest and Ookla [advertised speed for ULD470 is 2 Mbps till 10 GB usage in a month after which it drops down to 1 Mbps.] Watching youtube videos on this 2 Mbps speed connection usually does not involve pausing for buffering, but sometimes (and for some youtube channels particularly) it does pause for buffering. Facebook wall scrolling at times shows no images and one has to wait a few seconds for the images to be shown. So one can see the slightly negative impact of 2 Mbps speed connection (as compared to BSNL landline ULD999 plan 8 Mbps speed and even Jio most-of-the-time speed of 4 Mbps or higher) on youtube video viewing as well as Facebook wall scrolling.

On one particular day where I was using the Internet for a couple of hours after midnight seeing a lot of videos and pics (e.g. Facebook wall scrolling shows a lot of pics), Jio crossed 90% of the 1 GB per day limit! So exhausting 1 GB limit (or even 2 GB limit if I take such a Jio plan) on some days seems to be NOT UNUSUAL for me.
I also had some questions about whether Jio data usage reporting is accurate. I made an attempt to use BitMeter2 to measure data usage but that did not work out well (perhaps I did not use it properly), and so I have uninstalled BitMeter2.
Don’t know how long the 10 GB data limit (for 2 Mbps speed) of my current BSNL plan – ULD470 –  will last this month.

Just checked “Cumulative Unbilled Usage” using BSNL selfcare portal from 1-Aug-2017 to 6-Aug-2017 (today). The total (download + upload) figure is given as 849.62 MB! Hmm. Less than 1 GB data usage so far! I think I avoided viewing lots of videos when I was on BSNL BB, in this month. Perhaps that’s the reason why I have not crossed 1 GB total usage so far on BSNL BB.

The “BB Session Unbilled Usage” gives the detailed break up for above period (1st Aug. to 6th Aug.), as follows:
Session Start Date & Time Session End Date & Time Upload(MB) Download(MB) Total Units(MB)

04-08-2017 22:22:56 05-08-2017 00:14:54 12.55 118.32 130.87

04-08-2017 20:36:55 04-08-2017 21:38:57 6.93 57.75 64.68

04-08-2017 15:04:39 04-08-2017 17:09:12 24.02 493.7 517.72

02-08-2017 23:20:13 03-08-2017 00:59:46 9.25 127.1 136.35

Interesting! I think 4th Aug. was when I had consumed 90% of Jio 1 GB data limit in the early morning hours. In the late morning and afternoon I may not have watched videos or seen pages with many pics which is why the 1 GB data limit got crossed only around 3 PM, at which time I switched to BSNL landline BB (ULD470).

I don’t recall whether on 1st and 3rd Aug. I had stayed within 1 GB Jio limit and so had not used BSNL landline BB. Tried to check with Jio Data usage stats. Unfortunately it is showing 0 data usage for Aug. 1st to Aug. 3rd (which is an error as I surely have used Jio on those days quite a bit; unfortunately Jio portal data usage stats are not maintained/shown properly; BSNL selfcare portal is far superior to Jio in this matter as its broadband data usage stats are maintained and shown well). The Jio usage shows (in MB) 1096 for Aug. 4th, 482 for Aug. 5th and 407 for today, Aug. 6th, so far [It is around 9 PM now]. I don’t recall using BSNL BB yesterday (5th Aug.) and so far today (6th Aug.)

Readings of Jio 4G Mobile Internet speed (before crossing 1 GB per day limit on 399 Plan) on 6th Aug. 2017
At 10:31 PM using – 6.3 Mbps
At 10:35 PM using Ookla – 2.71 Mbps
At 10:36 PM using att speedtest – 2.15 Mbps
At 10:37 PM using – 7.3 Mbps
At 10:38 PM using Ookla – 4.32 Mbps
At 10:40 PM using att speedtest – 4.28 Mbps

Disconnected Jio connection and removed Jio USB dongle.
Switched on BSNL landline Broadband (470ULD plan with 2 Mbps speed till 10 GB consumption per month; am way below 10 GB consumption for this month as of today).

Readings of BSNL landline BB speedtest:
At 10:46 PM using – 2.1 Mbps
At 10:47 PM using Ookla – 2.54 Mbps
At 10:49 PM using att speedtest – 2.44 Mbps
At 10:50 PM using – 2.2 Mbps
At 10:51 PM using Ookla – 2.60 Mbps
At 10:52 PM using att speedtest – 2.15 Mbps

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