To have two active Jio 4G Internet connections you need two Jio SIMs and two plans; One Jio SIM cannot have two active 4G plans

I wanted to know if I could have two Jio plans simultaneously associated with my Jio SIM, and could have the ability to switch from one plan to another on the same SIM, using the Jio web portal interface. Jio Customer care replied in the NEGATIVE. I thought it may be useful to some readers if I shared a slightly edited version of my mail to them.

The main part of my mail to Jio care <> with subject “Is it possible to have two prepaid plans (not recharge plans) associated with same Jio SIM?”, dated 14th Sept. 2017, is given below:

Dear sir/madam,

I have Jio Number —- and am currently on its Rs. 399 (JDDD 399) prepaid plan which gives 1 GB/day data at 4G speed (and 128 Kbps beyond).

I am aware that if I exhaust 1 GB 4G speed data on any day, I have the option of using recharge packs. But I find those recharge packs to be expensive.

Is it possible for me to simultaneously have another plan, like Rs. 999 prepaid plan, which I could normally keep as an inactive plan (suspend the plan) but on days when I cross 1 GB per day limit on my JDDD 399 plan, I make the JDDD 399 plan as inactive and make the Rs. 999 plan as active? If so, can I do that myself using the Jio account web portal?

Thanks & Regards
— end main part of my mail to Jio care —
[Note that the Rs. 999 plan seems to give 90 GB total data over a maximum period of 90 days without any quota per day or any limit per day [see]. So it seems that one can use, say 1 GB of data totally over the first 10 days, leaving one, at the beginning of the 11th day, with a data balance of 89 GB data expiring after 80 days. On the 11th day one could consume 20 GB of data, leaving one, at the beginning of the 12th day, with a data balance of 69 GB expiring after 79 days.]
Jio care mail response to me on 15th Sept. 2017, informed me that I cannot activate dual plans on my Jio number. [I am not sharing the exact mail response as there is some standard confidentiality clause at the end of the mail response!!! I want to be a co-operative customer of Jio, which is giving me such a great and economical broadband Internet solution in my rural town of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India.]

Ravi: So if I want to have two active Jio Internet connections I will need to have two Jio SIMs, each with their own Jio 4G plans. And if I want to avoid swapping the two SIMs in and out of a single 4G modem/router, I will need to have two modem/router devices each having one Jio SIM.

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