A few days back Jio 4G in Puttaparthi was down for at least an hour or two; Used Rs. 4 STV of BSNL 3G Internet to save my blog post

I thought it appropriate to record in this blog where I have been putting up lot of posts about Jio 4G Internet service in Puttaparthi, that a few days back Jio 4G network went down for at least an hour or two, during daytime/evening (not late night or early morning). The signal indicator showed red on the JioFi 3 router, with the WiFi connection to JioFi on the PC desktop showing No Internet, if I recall correctly. The Huawei 4G USB dongle with Jio SIM also could not connect to the Internet.

This happened while I was in the midst of updating a blog post of mine. So I had got a little stuck. I had disconnected my BSNL landline broadband connection around a couple of weeks back and neither of my two Jio 4G SIM connections were useful as the Jio 4G network itself in Puttaparthi was down!

BSNL 3G Internet came to my rescue. I used the bare minimum Rs. 4 DATA STV (Special Tariff Voucher) which gives 20 MB data valid for 1 day. I used Nokia Suite software on the PC and connected my Nokia E-52 phone with BSNL 3G SIM card on it via USB port, and connected to the Internet through BSNL 3G Internet service. I was able to save my blog post on the Internet and confirm that it showed up properly. After a few other small Internet operations, I had over 15 MB data leftover to play with.

I think it is great that BSNL offers such a minimal price STV of Rs. 4 making it a great emergency minimal Internet connection solution. The next higher priced STV of BSNL 3G is Rs. 17 STV giving 110 MB data with validity of 1 day. [For more info. see: http://www.ap.bsnl.co.in/flashapnews/3g_prepaid_data_plan.html]

I should also mention here that during the recent festival days of Navarathri/Dassera, especially the last two to three days of it when Puttaparthi had lots of visitors, Jio 4G speeds were often in the hundreds of Kbps level during some periods in the day. Perhaps these periods corresponded to many visitors using Jio 4G Internet thereby heavily loading Puttaparthi Jio 4G network.

For more critical users, I think it would be ideal to have both Jio and Airtel 4G Internet services instead of having only one. Perhaps instead of one 2 GB per day plan from either vendor, having two separate 1 GB per day plans from each vendor (Jio and Airtel), or something like that, would be a better option from more reliable Internet connectivity point of view. Airtel’s 4G service in Puttaparthi is said to be good, and their 4G plan prices now seem to be competitive with Jio’s 4G plans.

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