1.78 billion hours of high-speed data (video) and 3.78 billion GB of data consumption, and 2.7 billion Rupees loss for Reliance Jio for this Sept. quarter

A correspondent passed on this article: 178 crore hours of video, 378 crore GB of data behind Reliance Jio’s Rs 271 crore loss, http://www.businesstoday.in/current/corporate/reliance-industries-q2-resultsreliance-jio-video-playback-data-loss-voice-call-volte-4g/story/262023.html, 13th Oct. 2017

The above article mentions that Reliance Jio reported Rs. 270.59 crore loss during Sept. quarter of this year (1 crore is 10 million; so 2.7 billion Rupees; and 2705.9/64.7 = 41.82 million US Dollars with current exchange rate of 1 USD being Rs. 64.7).

The interesting data given in the article for Reliance Jio is as follows:
* Total subscriber base: 138.6 million
* New subscribers joining in Sept. quarter: 19.5 million
* Old subscribers leaving Jio in Sept. quarter: 4.2 million
* Net subscriber addition in Sept. quarter: 15.3 million
* At end of last (Sept.) quarter, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) per month: Rs. 156.4
* Total wireless traffic in Sept. quarter: 378 crore GB (3.78 billion GB)
* Average voice traffic in Sept. quarter: 267 crore (2.67 billion) minutes per day.
* Per capita data consumption (per month) in Sept. quarter: 9.62 GB (highest among Indian telecom service providers)
* High speed data (e.g. video) consumption per month in Sept. quarter: 178 crore (1.78 billion) hours

Reliance Jio which currently operates solely on the 4G network is reported to claim that it can easily migrate to 5G network. BTW somebody told me that BSNL, the mega public sector telecom company of India, which does not operate on 4G network and offers 3G network now, plans to directly jump to 5G network. Don’t know how true it is and how long it will take for BSNL to provide those 5G services. Of course, users will then need 5G capable handsets/devices too!

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