Reliance Jio (4G mobile Internet) hikes its rates

Reliance Jio 4G rates revised from today: Check out the full prepaid, post paid tariffs here,, 19th Oct. 2017.

The hikes for regular users is in the following prepaid plans (see

1) Rs. 399/- 1 GB per day validity has been reduced from 84 days to 70 days. The earlier 84 days 1 GB per day plan has been raised from Rs. 399 to Rs. 459 (raise of Rs. 60).

2) Rs. 509/- 2 GB per day validity has been reduced from 56 days to 49 days.

The raise is not unexpected as Reliance Jio had declared a loss of hundreds of crores (billions) of Rupees for last quarter. The plan I use is the 2 GB per day plan (due to package offer at buying JioFi 3 time, my validity for this plan is up to Jan. 2018). The 2GB per day plan cost for 30 days works out to Rs. 311.63, which is still significantly cheaper than the BSNL landline 470UL costing Rs. 554.6 per month (470 + 18% GST) and giving 2 Mbps speed.


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