Jio Data Add On packs are low-priced and interesting options when one exhausts per day data quota under base plan like 399 1.5 GB per day plan

What should one do when one exhausts the per day data quota on a Jio plan like Rs. 399 plan giving 1.5 GB per day for 84 days? [Before 26th Jan. 2018, the 399 plan gave 1 GB per day for same period of 84 days.] Note that after the per day quota is exhausted (and there is no other active plan) Jio drops the speed on the connection to around 64 Kbps (but, as perhaps an exception, gives better speed for website where one can purchase new plans or Add Ons).

One standard option is to postpone work needing good 4G Internet speed (Mbps speeds) to the next day when the daily data quota will be renewed (e.g. to 1.5 GB under 399 plan). I have used this approach in the past.

But there is an interesting and low-priced option of using Data Add On packs also called Booster packs, which give more data with same validity as that of the base plan. Given below are the 4 options available on & after 30th Jan. 2018 (Source:

MRP 11 (Rs. 11) – 400 MB High Speed Data
MRP 21 (Rs. 21) – 1 GB High Speed Data
MRP 51 (Rs. 51) – 3 GB High Speed Data
MRP 101 (Rs. 101) – 6 GB High Speed Data

For this particular need of additional data on an active base plan, the above options are superior to sachet packs giving data and a validity period, which are as follows (Source:
Rs. 19 plan giving around 153 MB (0.15 GB) with 1 day validity
Rs. 52 plan giving around 153 MB (0.15 GB) per day with 7 days validity
Rs. 98 plan giving around 2 GB over 28 days [total 2 GB and NOT 2 GB per day], with 28 days validity.

To activate the Add On pack after the base plan data quota is exhausted for the day, is a simple process of choosing recharge on the appropriate SIM number in, then choosing Add On Packs, selecting an Add On pack and paying for it. Once the payment is made, my experience was that the Add On pack immediately became the active pack and was also shown as the 1st priority pack/plan on display. This resulted in 4G high speed data being delivered to the Internet connection.

Another great feature of the Add On pack is that when the per day data quota gets renewed on the base plan (typically between 12:00 midnight and 1:00 AM), it is the base plan’s data quota that becomes the priority data quota to be used (with the base plan being shown as 1 of x active plans) and if there is some available unused data balance on the Add On pack, it becomes listed as a later priority pack/plan. In other words, the remaining data balance of the Add On pack gets carried forward and can be used later if and when daily data quota of base plan gets exhausted again.

Detailed Log

Readers who are not interested in the detailed log may please skip reading the rest of this post.

23rd Jan 2018
[Update on 3rd Feb. 2018: This 23rd Jan. 2018 entry captures my mistake of using sachet plans with validity periods instead of using Add On packs using base plan’s validity period and much more data for equivalent Rs. cost than the sachet plan. See 30th Jan. entry for details about Add On packs.]

Jio provides a sachet costing Rs. 19 which gives 153.60 MB for 1 day validity. I have used it and am happy with the ease of the process even when one has exhausted data for the day/total GB amount, but the plan is still valid (not yet expired) due to which Jio provides a promised 64 Kbps speed connection. On this post data limit exhausted connection, normal fast 4G speed (over 1 Mbps on Huawei USB dongle at night time) is provided for Jio website and Net Banking payment gateway of SBI (I am sure that extends to other payment gateways too).

The next sachet is Rs. 52 giving 0.15 GB for 7 days each (total 1.05 GB)

[Update on 27th Jan. 2018; After Republic day, 26th Jan 2018, Jio’s Rs. 149 plan gives 1.5 GB per day for 28 days (a max consumption of 42 GB)! So rather than pay Rs. 52 it is wise to go for Rs. 149 as it gives a much, much superior data plan. [Rs. 98 giving 2 GB over 28 days NOT 2 GB per day is also not a great plan AS COMPARED TO the 149 plan.]

So either go for Rs. 19 sachet when one is clear that one needs only a 100 MB or so extra for that day OR go for Rs. 149 giving 1.5 GB per day for 28 days. end-27-Jan-Update]

[Update on 30th Jan. 2018: On 28th Jan. 2018 at around 22:17 (10:17 PM), I bought Rs. 149 plan giving 1.5 GB for 28 days, and activated it immediately after. IIRC, I had exhausted data on my other active plans and needed extra data for some activity. I chose to go for the 149 plan as it gives me a longer period coverage and longer data capacity per day than if I had gone for lesser priced options of Rs. 98 (2 GB total for 28 days) or Rs. 52 plan (153 MB per day for 7 days). end-30th Jan 2018 Update.]

30th Jan. 2018

Today I saw that there is a separate set of recharge options known as Add-On Packs or Boosters. These simply add more data without changing base plan’s validity. The data added is more than the sachet plans which provide both data and validity. There also seems to have been a recent change in the Add-Ons/Boosters options to provide more data.

As of now, Clicking Recharge and then clicking Booster -> Data gives the following four options:

MRP 11 (Rs. 11) – 400 MB High Speed Data
MRP 21 (Rs. 21) – 1 GB High Speed Data
MRP 51 (Rs. 51) – 3 GB High Speed Data
MRP 101 (Rs. 101) – 6 GB High Speed Data

These are surely superior to Rs. 19 plan giving 153 MB with 1 day validity, Rs. 52 plan giving 153 MB per day for 7 days.

I think the best option is the Rs. 11 option giving 400 MB extra. I wonder whether if there is spillover to next day with the base plan having validity for next day or beyond, the unused portion of 400 MB will be added to data quota for the next day (i.e. base plan per day data + remainder of 400 MB data which was unused)., dated 30th Jan. 2018 states that earlier only two Add-On or booster packs were available:
a) Rs. 11 add on pack earlier gave 100 MB (which has now been increased to 400 MB).
b) Rs. 51 add on pack earlier gave 2 GB (which has now been increased to 3 GB).

1st Feb. 2018: On MyJio app on my new LYF C459 phone device, for the 8xxx number I saw a 5 GB free promo voucher (offer) (in addition to the 50*8 vouchers which I got due to my buying the 399 plan in Jan 2018). Note that none of these vouchers are visible on web portal – Only MyJio app shows them and provides for a mechanism to redeem them! Jio is forcing users like me to use MyJio app to avail of their freebie vouchers!

I chose to redeem the 5GB offer today. It went through very easily (using MyJio app). Now website for my account for the 8xxx number shows an additional 5 GB plan that expires in 76 days (besides the 1 GB/day 399 plan whose expiry period of 76 days is what has got applied to the 5 GB voucher when I redeemed it).

At 5.17 PM on 1/2/2018 I am shown 347.68 out of 1 GB Data availability on the 399 plan and 5.00 of 5 GB Data availability on this Add On plan.

I wonder whether there is some algorithm to first use up the available data of the 1 GB/day plan before getting into the 5 GB plan. I presume that will be the case and intend to monitor the situ over the next few days, and log the outcome here.


2nd Feb. 2018, 5:15 PM entry

Some time down the line, the 1 GB quota per day of the 8xxx Jio number also got exhausted with some percentage (around 15 to 20 percent) of the Windows Update download yet to be done.

In, the 5.00 GB Add On entry became the 1st of 2 entries under Summary of 8xxx number, with 0.01 MB being shown as available from 1 GB per day 399 plan. But the Internet speed continued to be the post FUP speed tens of Kbps or low hundreds of Kbps! So while the 5 GB Add On entry was shown as an active plan and prioritized as the 1st of 2, with the 399 plan being lowered in priority to 2nd of 2, the 5 GB Add On did not come into play!

Called up Jio support number 1800-889-9999 and eventually reached a human support guy. Explained the issue to him but he was not able to give a quick solution. Instead he made a Service Request, Prepaid VoLTE-8xxx SRxxxx, which shows up in as Data-Slow Speed, and said that it would be responded to within a max. of 48 hours! The call took quite some time with me running a test and telling him about the low speeds.

As I thought about it later on, I felt that as it is a freebie, has some hoops introduced which trip it up. Quite unfair of jio to give or lure the customer with free vouchers and then make it cumbersome and bothersome to use those vouchers! But such is life!

Decided to try using a new Add On paid with my own money. Went for a Rs. 21 Add On giving 1 GB more with existing plan’s validity. That got activated on its own as soon as I bought it. Using to check the speed gave me a healthy 4.2 Mbps! Checked that the 1 GB Add On had got listed as 2nd of 3 in Summary of 8xxx plans.

Then Windows Update seemed to continue its download with BitMeter showing high usage. Windows Update finished 100% of download of update (before 5:15 PM) after which BitMeter usage dropped. Bit Meter usage last sustained peak was at 5:10 PM which may be the time when Windows Update finished (100%) of download.

Checking balance at 5:34 PM shows 563.74 MB of Data available from 1 GB Add On (listed as 2nd of 3 active plans under Summary). Note that its expiry is same as the base 399 plan’s expiry which is 18th April 2018.

At 5:35 PM All Settings-> Update-> Windows Update window shows the message, “Preparing to install updates 54%”. So while the download has got done, the update process is still ongoing.

At 5:51 PM, shows 471.73 MB Data available of 1 GB Add On pack. I also got a Notification email about 50% Data exhaustion of this Add On.

3rd Feb. 2018, 12:33 PM shows that the 1 GB Add On purchased yesterday has 297.55 MB left and that it is placed in 3 of 3 position. Current data usage is from the 1 GB quota of the 399 plan which is placed in 1 of 3 position with 868.49 MB being free. The 5 GB Add On is placed in 2 of 2 position with no additional news about resolution of problem of it not coming into play yesterday.

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