Was able to use my first of eight Rs. 50 free cashback vouchers from Jio

On 22nd Jan 2018, I had bought a Rs. 399 Jio plan giving 1 GB per day for 84 days for one of my two Jio SIMs/numbers – the 8xxx one. I was promised 8 Rs. 50 cashback vouchers (50 * 8) for that purchase.

Now I bought the plan using my PC from jio.com website. At that time the 8xxx SIM was being used in my Huawei 4G USB dongle device.

I could not see the cashback vouchers in my jio account display on jio.com. Jio support as well as Jio website (if I recall correctly), informed me that the cashback vouchers can be viewed and redeemed or used only via MyJio app.

Now MyJio app does not run on Windows. I tried using an Android emulator (Bluestacks) on Windows and ran MyJio app within it. The MyJio app loads up and shows some features but clicking on My Vouchers related links (e.g. View) results in a window being opened up which keeps on showing in-progress buttons without putting up a list even on waiting for many minutes. Perhaps the MyJio app needs a SIM which the Android emulator does not provide to it, and so the Vouchers display gets stuck.

When I got my LYF C459 smartphone device (running Android), I ran the preloaded MyJio app on it which detected the 9xxx SIM I used on the smartphone and, if I recall correctly, automatically created a 9xxx account in MyJio. To this account I was able to link the 8xxx SIM/number account and switch to that 8xxx account. After that, listing MyJio’s vouchers showed the free 8*50 vouchers (for 8xxx number).

https://www.jio.com/en-in/faq/100-percent-cashback-offer/how-can-i-redeem-the-voucher-received-for-100-percent-cashbock-offer.html informs us that “You can redeem the Jio Diwali cashback vouchers of Rs. 50 each from 20th Nov. 2017 using MyJio app. These vouchers can be redeemed, one at a time, against recharges of Rs 309 & above plans and against Rs 91 & above data add-ons.” I thought the same condition would apply to the Rs. 50 cashback vouchers I got in Jan. 2018 (different from Jio Diwali cashback vouchers).

I also read elsewhere that the way the cashback vouchers get used is that if we go through the normal buy process for plans/Add Ons that satisfy above criteria using MyJio app, the pay amount window will show an automatic discount of Rs. 50 by applying one of the Rs. 50 cashback vouchers available in the Jio account.

I also realized that I may have to use the 8xxx SIM on the phone where I am using My Jio app to buy this plan/Add On.

So I swapped the Jio SIMs between the LYF C459 phone and the Huawei 4G USB dongle such that the LYF phone had the 8xxx SIM and the Huawei 4G USB dongle had the 9xxx SIM.

Today, 5th Feb. 2018, I used MyJio App on LYF C459 phone (having 8xxx SIM) to buy a Rs. 101 Add On (giving 6 GB data with same validity as base plan). As expected, the pay amount window showed a Rs. 50 voucher discount (1 of 8 vouchers available on 8xxx number) with the result amount to be paid being Rs. 51. I paid that amount using Paytm which already had Rs. 79 as balance and which balance then came down to Rs. 28.

So with same Jio SIM as the one that has the vouchers, being the primary SIM in the LYF phone, MyJio app on the phone applies the cashback voucher as expected and quite smoothly.

The 6 GB plan became active immediately as I had exhausted the 399 plan’s 1 GB per day quota, and the remaining part of the 1 GB Add On bought a few days earlier. This then delivered 4G speed data to my PC via HotSpot on LYF C459 device.

Note that the 8xxx SIM account also shows a 5 GB Add On data pack which came from a voucher/coupon that I redeemed a few days back and which has been described in earlier posts on this blog. That 5 GB Add On data is shown as active but is still not coming into play. I had used MyJio app. on LYF phone with 9xxx SIM (at that time) to activate the 5 GB Add On data booster on Huawei 4G USB dongle with 8xxx SIM (at that time), using MyJio app’s linked account feature. [Primary account of MyJio app then was and still is the 9xxx number and linked account was and still is the 8xxx number.] That may have tripped it up, due to which the 5 GB Add On is not coming into play.

So the learning is that MyJio app works for voucher discount if the voucher is available on the primary SIM (number) which is loaded on the LYF C459 device which is running the MyJio app. I do not know whether the same will work for other scenarios like SIM with vouchers being on another device (e.g. Huawei 4G USB dongle connected to PC) but its voucher being attempted to be discounted through MyJio app on device with a different SIM.

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