BSNL 299 Landline Broadband plan is very interesting

Seems very interesting:

Essentially it is BSNL Landline broadband at 8 Mbps for 1.5 GB/day and 1 Mbps beyond that for a price of Rs. 299 (+ tax, I guess) per month . That’s a good deal! Now the issue is whether it is available in Puttaparthi or not.

I was a heavy BSNL Landline broadband user for quite a few years but opted out of it, after Jio 4G Mobile broadband service was available at around Rs. 150 per month. If I recall correctly I used to pay over Rs. 1100 per month (999 + tax) for the BSNL broadband landline connection which gave me sustained high speed broadband (around 6 Mbps even though it was advertised as 8 Mbps) which I was very happy with. Later, in end July 2017, I got onto a BSNL plan which cost me around Rs. 555 inclusive of taxes (ULD470 plan), which was giving 2 Mbps speed till 10 GB and 1 Mbps beyond with Jio 4G as an additional Internet service that I had (at around Rs. 150 per month).

I found Jio 4G to be good then and decided to opt out of BSNL broadband and have BSNL 3G mobile Internet instead. So my Internet service provider expenses were, and still are, around Rs. 150 for BSNL 3G mobile and Rs. 150 for Jio 4G mobile. Free mobile phone calls within India are a bonus in these plans. I felt that opting out of BSNL landline broadband was the right thing to do as even though BSNL landline broadband quality was great and superior to mobile Internet, its charges were too much given the new competition.

I still have the BSNL landline connection for which I pay around Rs. 177 per month as I want to have the landline phone facility. So the new 299 BSNL Landline broadband plan which should be around Rs. 350 with taxes will cost me an additional Rs.350 – Rs.177 = Rs.173. That’s a competitive price wrt Mobile Internet providers I use. So I can opt out of one Mobile Internet service provider and opt in (again) to BSNL Landline broadband (with one Mobile Internet service provider as backup).

Note Jio 4G speeds fell during peak time, and sometimes during non-peak time too, to below 1 Mbps levels, sometimes below 500 Kbps levels, some months after I opted for it. That continues to be the case today. Whereas my experience of BSNL 8 Mbps Landline Broadband (Rs. 1000 + tax is what I used to pay for it in the past) was that I used to get sustained speeds of around 6 Mbps, which was excellent for my needs. So the 299 (+ taxes, I guess) BSNL plan giving 8 Mbps 1.5 GB/day is very attractive to me.

The question is whether BSNL Puttaparthi will provide this plan and whether they will provide it to me who is an existing BSNL landline user who is currently not using BSNL Broadband. Some of their earlier competitively priced plans were meant for only new customers and were valid only for six months or so.

The Andhra Pradesh BSNL broadband plans website,, does not list this 299 option as of now. So maybe this will take time to get offered in Puttaparthi by BSNL, if at all it gets offered.

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