Reconnected BSNL Landline Broadband with Experience Unlimited Combo 299 plan, 8 Mbps till 1.5 GB/day, 1 Mbps beyond

Last updated on 18th Dec. 2018

Today, 13th Dec. 2018, around noon or slightly before, I visited BSNL Puttaparthi office and provided a filled up form (I had got the form yesterday in a visit to their office) for a new Landline Broadband connection.

[*****History-Info-Paragraph-Can-be-skipped: Note that I had disconnected my BSNL Landline Broadband plan on 31st July 2017, and the plan I had used prior to Broadband disconnection (but without disconnection of landline) was called: BB – BBG COMBO ULD 470 CS142, with price of Rs.470 (+ tax) per month. [Tax was 18%, making the net price (rounded): Rs.555 per month.] The ULD 470 plan then offered 2 Mbps speed till 10 GB usage per month, and 1 Mbps beyond that. Prior to this ULD470 plan I was on an 8 Mbps plan till around 30 GB usage per month and 1 Mbps beyond, if I recall correctly, and priced at around Rs.999 + tax [around 1150 after tax then as the tax was a little lower then]. I was very satisfied with the consistent around 6 Mbps speed I got with this 999 plan (not 8 Mbps), but after Jio 4G disrupted the market, I was not willing to pay Rs.1150 per month when I had cheaper Jio options of around Rs. 150 per month giving me beyond 1 Mbps speed then (as well as free phone calls). … Later the Jio 4G speeds fell rather drastically during regular hours to below 500 Kbps and sometimes even lower below 300 Kbps. So Internet access had become a little slow. It was still manageable but it did slow down my Internet work speed a little. Now I was not willing to pay Rs. 555 for 2 Mbps till 10 GB per month and 1 Mbps beyond, BSNL Landline broadband which is what continued to be on offer in Puttaparthi, I believe, though major cities in Andhra Pradesh had better options from BSNL. End-History-Info-Paragraph-Can-be-skipped*****]

I specifically asked for the plan, “Experience Unlimited Broadband 299”, which is a new plan of price Rs.299 (+ tax) per month, shown in BSNL All India website:, but not yet shown in BSNL AP (Andhra Pradesh) website. [I presume that tax is 18%, making the net price (rounded): Rs.353 per month.]

This plan is NOT a promotional plan (which expires after 6 months and moves customer to 470 Plan after that). In particular, I did not want to get the promotional plan titled, “BBG Combo ULD 300GB Plan” in, whose price is also Rs.299 (+ tax) per month.

The Customer service officer assured me that he will provide me the “Experience Unlimited Broadband 299” plan and NOT the other promotional plan.

Here are the key features of “Experience Unlimited Broadband 299” from

  • Bandwidth (Download Speed) subject to technical feasibility: Upto 8 Mbps till 1.5 GB/day, Upto 1 Mbps beyond
  • Monthly Charges (Rs): 299 (+ tax)
  • [Call charges]
    a) 24 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) within India on BSNL network.
    b) Unlimited free calls (Local+STD) between 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM and on all Sundays, to any network within India.
    c) Free calls of worth Rs. 300/- on other N/W within India. MCU Charges/ pulse in Rs. (to Other Network): 1.20

— end key features of “Experience Unlimited Broadband 299” plan —

Ravi: I found the features of the above plan to be very attractive and very competitive with Jio 4G or BSNL 3G Internet & phone call plans. So I decided to reconnect to BSNL Landline Broadband with this new plan.

Today afternoon perhaps around 3.30 PM, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call on my BSNL landline from the BSNL lineman who was inquiring whether I had applied for a Broadband connection. To cut a long story short, he visited my flat later on and set up the modem. The Net connection did not work then but he said it will start working later on. They seem to have done something at the exchange, after which the Internet connection started working.

I did a few quick speed tests and got great results. Here’s one speedtest data: : Done at 4:48 PM on 13th Dec. 2018:

Download speed: 9.47 Mbps, Upload speed: 0.51 Mbps.

That’s great! But maybe once many people jump onto the BSNL Landline broadband connection again in Puttaparthi, the speed will fall. If it provides me around 6 Mbps till 1.5 GB per day, and 1 Mbps beyond, I will be very happy! That’s good enough speed for me. Youtube videos play with sharp and well-defined image rendition on my 21.5 inch TFT (Samsung) display, and without buffering! Facebook also loads fast and its videos too play without buffering. So that speed’s enough for my main needs.

Note that the upload speed is somewhat low as compared to Mobile 4G connections. But that’s a manageable thing. Anyway, I intend to keep one mobile Internet plan as well – either BSNL 3G or Jio 4G. So if I have some big upload work, I can use that connection at off-peak times when they can give over 1 Mbps Upload speed (Jio 4G sometimes gives even upload speeds like 6 or 8 Mbps, if I recall correctly).

I visited selfcare website of BSNL and saw that my landline entry shows a Broadband plan with the name “BB – Experience Unlimited Combo Broadband 299”. That’s the right plan name! It is ***not*** the promotional plan. So far so good.

I will explore the free calls to BSNL network (land and mobile) and Rs.300 per month worth of calls to other networks later on. They also seem to be attractive features of this plan.


14th Dec. 2018 Update

As I had seen a lot of videos today, by around 4 .15 PM the speed of the Net connection had dropped to around 1 Mbps as shown by BitMeter running display. I think I may have crossed the 1.5 GB/day limit. Unfortunately, selfcare BSNL website did not show me any usage data (giving a “no records” message for date range of 13th Dec to 13th Dec or 13th Dec to 14th Dec or 14th Dec to 14th Dec). So BSNL usage reporting for per day usage on its selfcare website has to improve to match competitors like Jio.

I did a speedtest where I also checked that no Windows automatic update is going on. Here’s its data: Done at 6:18 PM on 14th Dec. 2018:

Download speed: 1.21 Mbps, Upload speed: 0.51 Mbps.

Checked speed with BSNL 3G Mobile Internet at 6:39 PM, 14th Dec,

Download speed: 0.41 Mbps, Upload speed: 0.33 Mbps.

Then checked speed with Jio 4G Mobile Internet at 6:42 PM, 14th Dec,

Download speed: 0.86 Mbps, Upload speed: 0.83 Mbps.

So even post 1.5 GB usage, BSNL Landline Broadband plan ‘Experience Unlimited Broadband 299’ gives better download speed for me in my flat in Puttaparthi, than Jio 4G and BSNL 3G Mobile Internet in evening hours (peak time for Mobile Internet in Puttaparthi). However, it must be noted that Jio 4G provides better upload speed of 0.83 Mbps even in evening peak time, as compared to BSNL Landline broadband Upload speed ***before crossing 1.5 GB per day limit*** of 0.51 Mbps.


18th Dec. 2018 Update

Checked speed with BSNL 3G Mobile Internet at 11:14 PM, 18th Dec,

Download speed: 0.86 Mbps, Upload speed: 2.20 Mbps.

So at late night, BSNL 3G can give over 1 Mbps upload speed, and even over 2 Mbps upload speed.




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