BSNL Mobile: Renewed Plan485 (Freebies) ‘STV Enquiry unsuccessful’ msg issue resolved after new Plan activation; Response msg can be better formulated

Last updated on 6th Feb. 2019

This post is an update to previous post: BSNL Mobile: Renewed Plan485 ‘Freebies’ before expiry to avoid main balance drain; Confusion due to ‘STV Enquiry unsuccessful’ msg,, dated 1st Feb. 2019

Today, 3rd Feb. 2019, the renewed BSNL Mobile Plan 485 kicked in (got activated) as the previous Plan 485 expired yesterday on 2nd Feb. 2019.

Given below are pics showing the message response of *124*2# command sent around 11:15 AM today (cropped from screenshot pics).

Screenshot_20190203-115108 - Cropped

Screenshot_20190203-115125 - Cropped

The text in the above msgs is:

Subscribed STVs are
Expirydate 03/05/2019:
Unlimited AnyNetCalls.
PLAN485 Data ;. Dial 1
for more or 0 to exit

Expirydate 03/02/2019:
99 unit left out of AnyNet
SMS,3.07071 GB left out of


I think the combined message of the above, separated by feature, would be:

Subscribed STVs are
PLAN 485 VOICE ; Expirydate 03/05/2019: Unlimited AnyNetCalls.
PLAN485 Data ; Expirydate 03/02/2019: 99 unit left out of AnyNet SMS,3.07071 GB left out of Data

I interpret it as follows:
* PLAN 485 VOICE freebie has got extended from 3/2/2019 (as earlier plan freebie expired on 2/2/2019) to 3/5/2019, which would be around the 90 days freebie validity specified in PLAN 485 details

* PLAN485 Data freebie seems to have two validity & data usage, dates & availability, associated with it – the 90 days freebie validity and the per day data usage availability at high speed and its validity, both as specified in PLAN 485 details. The result mentions the per day data at high speed validity date of 3/2/2019 with 3.07071 GB left out of (available from) the per day high speed data usage allotted. I presume that the other Data freebie validity is for 90 days like the Voice freebie validity, and so will be valid till 3/5/2019. In other words, the per day data at  high speed validity date will be renewed automatically at the end of each day till the end of 3/5/2019.

* Per day, 100 SMS is allotted. The result data specifies that 99 SMS is available for the day.

The usage of ; : and , punctuation marks in the result message is confusing.

I think a better message conveying the full information without forcing the user to do interpretation like I have done above, is as follows:

Subscribed STVs are
1) PLAN 485 VOICE:
Expirydate 03/05/2019,
Unlimited AnyNetCalls.
2) PLAN 485 Data:
Expirydate 03/05/2019,
99 unit left in AnyNet
SMS today, 3.07071 GB
left in High-Speed Data
today. Today is


I plan to mail the above suggestion to BSNL Mobile support email id, if I can find one.

I should also mention that I checked the main BSNL mobile balance using *123# around 7:15 PM to 7:30 PM and it continues to be Rs. 94.1851 thereby showing that there has been no charge levied to BSNL mobile main balance for any data access done today on BSNL mobile (SIM). I also checked the ‘Freebie’ balance (using *124*2#) around the same time with the response showing that 97 SMS and 3.7058 GB remain from my daily/per day freebie quota.

Another thing to be recorded here is that, for the past 2 days, if I have noted correctly (surely the case today), my LYF phone battery charge got down to zero, over the night. When I looked at my LYF (Jio) phone today morning (and either yesterday morning or perhaps day-before-yesterday morning – I am not sure which day), it did not switch on. I had to start powering it at which time it showed a 0% charge indicator and started charging.

I wonder why that is happening as in the past, the phone battery charge did not go out so quickly. I wonder whether it is because I had switched off Data access for BSNL SIM in my mobile, and changed the default 3G/4G and Data access SIM to my Jio SIM whose plan has expired (I have not renewed it). Were some apps on the Android LYF phone repeatedly trying to access the Internet as they were repeatedly failing to connect to it via my expired Jio SIM, and which activity was eating up the battery charge?

Anyway, now I have activated Data access on BSNL SIM and also made it the default SIM for 3G/4G and Data. So now automatic Internet access by Android apps will go through easily. Let me see whether I continue to face an overnight battery drain problem on my LYF phone. I doubt that it will be the case.

6th Feb. 2019 Update

On 4th and 5th Feb. mornings when I checked the phone, the battery had **NOT** drained over the night. I don’t think I had battery-recharged the phone between putting up this post on 3rd Feb. and 5th Feb. morning. So the battery drain issue disappeared once the phone got an active Internet connection.

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