Download BlogBook Parts

The following blogbook files have now been put on Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive:

Files created on 19th September 2018 (some files based on Export xml file of 13th September 2018)

1) From 20th September 2015 to 19th September 2016, File size: 714 KB, Pages: 26

2) From 20th September 2016 to 19th September 2017, File size: 1.66 MB, Pages: 88

3) From 20th September 2017 to 19th September 2018, File size: 1.21 MB, Pages: 64

4) 6 individual blog page prints using Chrome browser Print (to PDF) command.

— end files created on 19th Sept. 2018 (or based on 13th Sept. 2018 Export xml file) —

File created around 12th October 2015:
5) All blog posts (but excludes blog pages) as of 12th October 2015, File size: 350 KB, Pages: 92

ā€” end list of blogbook files ā€”

Blog Export File

The blog export file (.xml format) is available publicly for those users who would like to download it to recreate the blog but with a different name and under their ownership.

This file is named raviiyerorg.WordPress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml where YYYY, MM and DD give the date the export file was created e.g. raviiyerorg.WordPress.2018-09-13.xml. These blog export files are placed in the Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive: