Spoken English App.

I feel that the cellphone has great potential to be a “Spoken English” learning device for rural Telugu speaking youth. Of course, a human teacher is the best teacher. But for those students who do not have access to a human teacher, a “Spoken English” cellphone teacher may be an interesting second choice. Further a “Spoken English” cellphone teacher could be a useful aid for a human teacher too.

This “Spoken English” cellphone teacher activity will be on a free volunteer basis. I am interested in contributing to this part-time as a free volunteer activity. Some other friends and acquaintances of mine, around the world, have shown some interest in contributing to/participating in this part-time (free volunteer activity).

The end-products, if we succeed, should be Free & Open Source software/’mediaware’, which can be downloaded by anybody over the net for free.

We can use/build on other free spoken English web/phone sites/apps. Here are two interesting web sites:

Discussions on this project/application can be seen and commented upon in the Spoken English App. Blog.